Dogs Retired from our Breeding Program

Below are some of the dogs we had the pleasure and privilege to have had be a part of our family over the last 20 years. We are grateful to and for each and every one.

Diego, a majestic black and red longcoat male German Shepherd dog

Diego - sire to our current stud, Nieko

Kiera, a rust sable long hair GSD female

Kiera, dam to Nieko

Cia, a very longcoated black and red female GSD


Diva, a black and tan longcoated female German Shepherd dog


Amber, a black and red long hair female


Tova, a very smart black and red long coated female


Venus, our first breeding female. A beautiful black and silver long haired dog

Venus, our first breeding female

Kuma, our first stud dog, a golden long coat sable

Kuma, our first stud dog