Puppies and Dogs Out of Past Breedings

Black and red longcoat/ long haired female GSD 6 months old
Tilda, a sable longcoat female German Shepherd 3 years old
4 month old German Shepherd puppy black and tan

Tilda 3 years

4 months

4 month old GSD puppy longcoat joining his owner at work

Quinn at 6 months old

Long haired German Shepherd male at 12 months and at 8 weeks

4 month old pup Joining his owner at a job site

Wolfie: 12 months and 8 weeks

3 month old longcoat German Shepherd puppy out for socializing and training

3 month old pup

Side shot of longcoat German Shepherd puppy, straight back,  3months old

3 month old out socializing and training

Juno at 3.5 months

2 year old long haired German Shepherd male, black tan, long haired
Heidi, black sable longcoat German Shepherd female, 6 years old

Dutch - 2 years

Heidi at 6 years old

Black and red long hair GSD male celebrating birthday with candle
Very cute female German Shepherd puppy lying on someone's lap

Happy Birthday!

Golden sable longcoat GSD female, 4 months old
Anika, a longcoated GSD female lying in the snow with her toy

3.5 months

Long hair German Shepherd, black and tan, lying in the diningroom with toy

2 years

3 month old German Shepherd female, long hair, calmly looking at the camera
Beowulf, a longcoat silver sable GSD male lying in grass

3 months

3 years

Remy, a 6 month old black/red GSD male, lying on lawn with 3 year old boy using him as a pillow
Calm, yet alert longcoat 4 month old German Shepherd female

6 months

4 months

Head shot of 3 year old long coat German Shepherd male

 Finn at 3 years old