AKC registered
red sable, longcoat female
26"tall , about 75 pounds

Meet Luka! She has been a wonderful addition to our family and fulfills our breeding goals beautifully! She is a healthy, calm, yet alert animal who is affectionate and has been amazingly easy to obedience train, is very good on our walks when coming across other dogs and people, always keeping herself composed, and is a solid dog in all ways: emotionally, mentally, and physically.
We are very happy to have her be a part of our canine family!

Luka, a longhair female sable GSD
Luka, a long coated, sable German Shepherd female

In the pictures below she is blowing her coat (going into semiannual shedding, as GSDs tend to do)

Headshot of Luka, a longhair, sable GSD female
Luka sitting, a long coat German Shepherd female

Luka has been bred with Nieko for puppies ready to go to their new homes in November, 2019. Click here for more information!