Frequently asked questions

~ When will the current puppies be available?
The puppies are ready for their homes now.

~How much do the puppies cost?
Each puppy is $1100.

~What state are you located in?
We reside near the area of Asheville, North Carolina.

~Do you fly your puppies?
We are not comfortable flying puppies who are over 3 months old, but we are willing to drive a puppy to his/her new home (for a fee), even if it is quite a distance from where we live.

~Do you home any of your dogs with breeding rights?
No, for many reasons we do not home any of our puppies with breeding rights.
AKC papers will be provided upon proof of spay/neuter but held no longer than
2 1/2 years from the puppies' DOB, after which the papers will be shredded.

~How large do you think the puppies will get?
If the currently available male stays in the weight percentile that he is currently in and has been in since birth, we expect him to get to be about 110-115 pounds.

We expect the female to reach about 80-85, also assuming she stays in the weight percentile she is currently in.

~What do the puppies come with?
  All of our puppies come with:
  - Up to date vaccinations (we follow Dr. Jean Dodds' vaccination protocol)
-  Full deworming
- A 3 day supply of pup's current food
- Vet check
 - AKC (limited) registration papers upon proof of spay/neuter. (Papers get held
until dog is 2 1/2 years old, after which they get shredded.)
- Lifetime breeder support

 If you have any questions or are possibly interested in any of our pups, feel free to call or e-mail us, or fill out the application below.