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About our Puppies in Training Program:

One of the "hats" I wear in life is that of dog trainer. While I do not take a young puppy with me to any of my outside dog training classes since it would not be fair to my client who is paying me for my undivided attention, I do, however, start teaching any puppy that is with us past 10 weeks old how to be a wonderful, well mannered family companion. That means that
a puppy that is part of our training program will be started in house-breaking or be totally housebroken (will be in the puppy's description), will be fully crate-trained, gets socialization by being taken off of our property into the world at least 3 times per week during which time both leash and people manners get taught, gets used to being driven in a car, gets accustomed  to being handled (paws, mouth, ears, being groomed, etc.), and be started in basic obedience training.
How far along a puppy will be in the above training will depend on how old the puppy is and how long he/she has been in the program. We will give clear descriptions as to what stage of the program a puppy is in when speaking to a person interested in a puppy.

Prices of puppies reflect level of training achieved and will go up as more training takes place.

Feel free to e-mail or call if you have any questions about a puppy or the above program.

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