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Old World Shepherds

AKC registered, black/red longcoat, 28" tall, 90 pounds

Nieko is our current stud dog.  He is a male out of Diego and Kiera.

He is a very healthy, strong, and good natured male who is good with our other dogs and was also very good with our cat (before our cat died of old age). 
He is affectionate with people he knows, and an excellent watch dog.

He is a very bidable dog (easy to obedience train).
Some of his favorite things to do are to play retrieve with either a stick or a ball, go for a walk around town or a trail walk, or simply enjoy a ride in the car with us.

Old World Shepherds

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In above 2 pictures playing with his 3 month old brother
Pictures of Nieko as a puppy:
                     10 weeks                                                                                                 6 months
Winter 2017
Pics below are summer of previous year