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Available Longcoated Puppies

2  nine month olds available

The puppies are out of Nieko and Luka.

They are showing themselves to be wonderfully calm and affectionate animals, are very smart, quick learners, and very healthy.

The puppies have now entered our Puppies in Training Program .
(Click here to learn more about the program).

So far each puppy has been:
- housebroken!
- crate trained and sleeps through the night
- taught to walk on a loose leash
- taught the command "wait" (before leaving the car, going through the front door,etc.)
- is learning to stop and sit when reaching a curb (rather than blindly walking into the street)
-  sits the first time when told
- taught to ride calmly in the car, also to wait patiently in the car by herself without being crated when we are running a short errand
- socialized a minimum of 3x / week by being taken to a busy downtown, box stores, banks, post offices where they see children, dogs, strollers, etc.

The puppies are very healthy, eat one of the best quality grain-free foods, have been seen by the vet, and are up to date on dewormings and vaccinations.

Please read the FAQ page for many answered questions.
If you are possibly interested in one of the below puppies, you will find a link to an application at the bottom of the page.

Available Male
longcoated red sable
If you are possibly interested in one of the above puppies, please read the FAQ page by clicking here,  then either answer the questions on the application below via e-mail, or simply call us to go through the application via phone.
We are happy to talk in person!
Available Female
longcoated golden/red sable
Juno weighed 80 pounds at 8 months old. We expect his weight will get to be between 100 and 110 lbs. when fully matured at about 3 years old.