Old World Shepherds
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Frequently asked questions :

~What state are you located in?
We reside near the area of Asheville, North Carolina.

~Do you offer a health guarantee?
We offer a 2 year conditional hip/health guarantee on our puppies and dogs with the condition that the puppy/dog is NOT spayed/neutered before at least 18 months old.
(After having done extensive research, we have found that mammals are healthier when their hormones are left in their natural balance at least until their bones are finished growing, which for a larger dog is about 16 - 18 months. However, we recommend waiting longer before spaying/neutering.)

~Is shipping available?
We do not ship dogs who are more than 4 months old.

~Do you home any of your dogs with breeding rights?
No, for many reasons we do not home any of our puppies with breeding rights.
AKC papers will be provided upon proof of spay/neuter but held no longer than
2 1/2 years from puppies' DOB, after which the papers will be shredded.


If you have any questions or are possibly interested, feel free to call or e-mail us or fill out the application below.