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18-month-old female available
(No breeders, please!)
Black/red longcoat
The female below, named Indie, is a red/black longcoat out of Nieko and Luka. She is a very healthy animal and is up to date on her vaccinations.
It takes the longhair German Shepherd 2 1/2- 3 years to get their full coat. Judging by Indie's length at this point, we expect her coat to look a lot like Nieko's, her sire.

A little about her: She has a soft temperament and is an affectionate dog who loves to cuddle. She gets excited to go for walks, car rides, and hikes, and does very well with all of it. I can trust her to wait patiently in the car when going inside somewhere to run errands, and wherever allowed, I take her in the store with me where she does well also. At home, she shows herself to be a very good watchdog, barking whenever she hears or smells someone on the other side of our privacy fence when she is in the yard.
She is housebroken and crate trained.
She has not grown up with young children and we would prefer she not go to a home where there are a lot running around.
She does well with other dogs and is quite submissive with ours. She has not been exposed much to cats. Judging by her temperament, however, she will have no problem living with cats once properly introduced.
Indie has been started on solid basic obedience training. She walks very nicely on a loose leash, sits the first time when told, comes when called, does a 30 second sit-stay among all kinds of distractions, knows "wait" before going out the front door, the car, etc., and is in the process of learning "heel" and "down".

Below the pictures of Indie is a link to a video of her being taken out on a walk and a short clip at the of it that I took at in the waiting room at the vet.

If you are possibly interested in Indie, please be sure to read the FAQ page first, then answer the questions on the application found below either via phone or e-mail.


Please note that if this page is up shown, she is available.



If you are possibly interested in the above female, please read the FAQ page if you have not already done so, then open, copy and paste the application below into an e-mail or simply call us to go through the application via phone.
long ahir German Shepherd female for sale
Indie, a long hair GSD female
side shot of body GSD female
looking at me
Indie, longcoat GSD, doing a sit-stay

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